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Commercial Overhead Door Installation in Edmonton

Commercial overhead door installation involves the setup and assembly of large, often industrial-grade, overhead doors in various commercial and industrial settings.  These doors are commonly used in warehouses, loading docks, factories, retail stores, and other businesses where secure access and efficient movement of goods are essential.  Installing commercial overhead doors is a specialized task that requires careful planning, skilled labour, and adherence to safety and building code regulations.

What you can expect with Abe's Door™ Service Ltd.

Site Assessment and Planning:

We conduct a thorough installation site assessment to determine the specific requirements and constraints. The type of door needed, dimensions, and features (e.g., insulated, non-insulated, sectional, rolling steel) are determined based on the application and business needs.

Acquisition of Materials and Equipment:

The materials, components, and equipment are acquired, including the overhead door, tracks, springs, panels, rollers, hinges, and any associated hardware. Safety equipment, tools, and machinery required for installation are also prepared.

Preparation of the Opening:

The opening where our technicians will install the overhead door is prepared, ensuring it is level, plumb, and structurally sound. Any existing door or components get removed if necessary.

Assembly and Installation:

The overhead door components get assembled according to the manufacturer’s specifications, including attaching panels, hinges, and rollers. Our technicians install the tracks and springs to allow the door to move smoothly and safely.

Electrical Work (if applicable):

If the overhead door is motorized, we will perform electrical work to install the motor, wiring, controls, and safety sensors. The electrical system gets tested to ensure proper functionality.

Balancing and Adjustment:

The door is carefully balanced to ensure it opens and closes evenly and without undue stress on the components. Adjustments are made to the spring tension, tracks, and other elements for optimal performance.

Safety Checks:

Safety features like photo-eye sensors and emergency release mechanisms are installed and tested to ensure they function correctly.

Testing and Final Inspection:

Technicians complete a thorough test for proper operation of the installed overhead door. This testing includes opening and closing cycles, noise levels, and safety functions.  They will also conduct a final inspection to verify that the installation meets safety and building code standards.


Our technicians will train users on the safe operation and maintenance of the overhead door.

Cleanup and Site Restoration:

Any debris, packaging materials, or equipment used during installation get removed from the site. Our technicians clean the area after the installation and perform minor repairs or touch-ups as needed.

Commercial / Industrial Door Styles

When it comes to commercial overhead doors, there are various styles, materials, and designs.  With the wide variety of options available, you can choose one that complements the architecture of your business. Here are some popular garage door styles:

Sectional Doors

Steel Sectional: Standard commercial door. Available in traditional, flush and plank style.  The most common style of overhead door.

Aluminum Sectional: Full view sections. Provides a clean look, maximum visibility and high-light transmission.  Excellent for damp environments such as car washes.

High Performance and Specialty Doors

High-Speed Aluminum Doors: Fast-operating, rigid panel doors. Great for automotive dealerships, government, parking and security applications.

Industrial Rubber Doors: Fast-operating, highly durable rubber door. Great for heavy-duty applications and harsh environments.  

Rolling Fabric Doors: Fast-operating, durable fabric door. Great for food and pharmaceutical industry applications, as well as dock doors.  

Rolling Steel and Fire Doors

Rolling Steel Service Doors: Highly durable steel slats.  Used when there is no headroom available for a sectional door

Rolling Steel Fire Doors: Safe, simple and designed for fire protection.

Security Shutters

Protects windows from damage and provides security at access points.

Operators & Accessories

Overhead door operators, also known as overhead door openers, are motorized devices that automate the process of opening and closing your overhead door.  They are essential to a modern garage door system and provide convenience, security, and safety.  There are several types of overhead door operators available, each with its features and benefits:

Light-Duty Series: Light-duty series operators are ideal for overhead doors with limited hourly cycles. Our light-duty commercial door operators are strong, powerful and highly reliable.


Medium-Duty Series: Medium-duty series operators are ideal for increased door weight and frequency of cycles. Our medium-duty commercial door operators make a solid addition to any facility.


Industrial Duty Series: Industrial Duty Series operators are ideal for heavy industrial, high-cycle overhead doors. Our industrial-duty commercial door operators are perfect for much heavier overhead doors that are open and closed often.


Fire Door Products: Our fire door operators are designed to minimize property damage and increase safety for all building occupants. Abe’s Door™ Service has the experience and knowledge to assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet your needs.


Specialty Operators: Every workplace is unique, so our specialty commercial door operators are built to fit specific needs and applications.


Operator Accessories

Multiple remote, photo-eye, and safety reverse device options are available. 

Radio/Remote Controls:


Photo Eyes:


Traffic Lights:


Mount Stations:


Light Curtains:


Loop/Motion Detectors:


Commercial overhead door installation is a complex process that requires skilled technicians with experience handling different types of doors and configurations.  Hiring a reputable installation service is crucial to ensure that the door operates safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

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